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EZ-60 Counting Scale


Product Information

If your primary need is coin counting, nothing beats the speed and ease of use of the QTech EZ-60 scale. Simply place the coins on the scale and push one button for an immediate count. The EZ-60 comes preprogramed for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty-cent pieces, and dollar coins. Three customizable keys are available for user-defined coin or token denominations - perfect for arcades.

The internal resolution of 1 part in 600,000 offers high accuracy while the generous 60 pound capacity can handle $1,000.00 in quarters at one time! The 200 hour battery operation makes this scale perfect for route applications. Add our sturdy, but lightweight hard-shell plastic carrying case, and you have a cost-effective mobile coin counting solution.



QTech EZ-60 Model


Fast and Easy Coin Counting:

  • Fast, One-Button operation - just dump and count!
  • Ideal for Vending Route Drivers, Car Washes, Casinos, Laundromats, and Amusement Centers
  • 6 Preset Denomination Keys: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Fifty-cent piece, and Dollar Coins
  • 3 Custom Programmable Keys allow for user-defined coin or token denominations for quick and easy recall. Eliminates errors and increases productivity!
  • Programmable keys can display a specified percentage of the total dollar amount - excellent for calculation of route collection customer commissions
  • Three large, high contrast LCD windows display the Denomination, Quantity, and Total Amount.
  • Accumulation Memory Feature maintains a running subtotal of the total dollar amount
  • Tare Feature lets you count in a box, tray, or bucket
  • User programed Unit Weights for custom items are retained even when the scale is powered off
  • Large 60 pound capacity allows for counting a $1,000. bagof quarters.
  • 9 x11" Stainless Steel platter surface
  • AC power or 200 hours of battery operation for complete mobility (battery included)
  • Optional hard shell plastic carrying case protects the scale when used on the road.


EZ-60 Specifications:
Weight Capacity:60 lbs.
Platter Size:9 x 11"
Internal Resolution:1 Part in 600,000
Display Type:Large, 1/2" high-contrast LCD's
Power:AC or Rechargeable 6 volt Internal Dry Cell battery (provided)
Dimensions:11" (W) x 12 1/4" (D) x 4 1/4" (H)
Weight:9 lbs.
Accessories:Plastic Carrying Case


Product Code: EZ-60

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