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QCS Shipping Scale


Product Information

The QTech QCS Model is our most popular and versatile counting scale. Available in 15 and 30 pound weight capacities, it is perfect for counting both small, lightweight items and large, heavy parts. The accumulation memory feature maintains a running subtotal up to 1 million pieces. The QCS is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery - perfect for easy portability. The internal resolution is 1 part in 600,000. This means you will get dependable and highly accurate counts.

The QCS may also be used for weighing, check-weighing, batching, kitting, as well as postal weight verification. Also a perfect solution for coin, ticket, token, pull-tab, pop-open, and coupon counting.

Printers will especially appreciate the time savings and efficiencies of the QCS counting scale. It will provide quick counts of business cards, labels, envelopes, etc., ending customer disputes forever!


QTech QCS Model
Features Common to Counting and Weighing Applications:
  • Accumulation Memory Feature maintains a running subtotal of the total count up to 999,999.
  • Tare Feature lets you count items in a box, tray, bucket, or carton.
  • Available in several different weight capacities depending on your particular counting needs.
  • Rechargeable battery operation (included) for complete mobility.
  • Quick and easy recalibration.
Features Specific to Paper Counting --
  • Perfect for labels, envelopes, business cards, tickets, etc.
  • Optional Laminate Platter enlarges the work surface to 11.5 x 18"
  • Can count folded, bound, and die cut pieces as well.
Features Specific to PartsCounting --
  • Ideal for counting assembly components as well as finished goods.
  • Perfect for small size parts of any type: metal, plastic, fiber, etc. including springs, screws, hardware, beads, electronics, etc.
Features Specific to CoinCounting --
  • Counts coins, tokens, tickets, or pull tabs.
  • Compact design and internal battery operation are perfect for route collections.
  • Optional hard shell plastic carrying case protects unit when used on the road


QCS Specifications:
Weight Capacity:15 lbs. - QCS-15
30 lbs. - QCS-30
Platter Size:9 x 11" - Stainless Steel
Internal Resolution:1 Part in 600,000
Display Resolution:15 lb. = .001 lbs./.0005 kg
30 lb. = .002 lbs./.001 kg
Display Type:Large, 1/2", high-contrast LCD with backlight function
Power:AC Adapter or Rechargeable 6V Internal Dry Cell battery (included)
Dimensions:11" (W) x 12 1/4" (D) x 4 1/4" (H)
Weight:9 lbs. (Shipping Wt. 10 lbs.)

Carrying Case

Expansion Platter for oversize
  sheet counting.


Product Code: QCS-Shipping

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