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Counting Scales for Parts, Paper, Tickets and Coins

QTech offers a wide selection of digital scales to meet you counting, check-weighing, batching, and ink mixing needs. Whether you need to count paper, parts, tickets, or any other component, QTech has a solution. Choose from the QCS Model for across the board versatility and accuracy, the X-Res for small unit counting and ink mixing, and the EZ-60 for coin and token counting. Weight capacities are available from 3 lbs. to 65 lbs.

Photo - X-RES High Resolution Counting Scale
QCS Scale
6, 15, 30, or 65 lb.
  X-RES Scale
3 or 12 lb.

Not sure which scale is right for you?
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EZ-60 Coin Scale
60 lb.



All Scales Feature:

3 Year Warranty
90 Day Money-back Guarantee
Lifetime Toll-Free Technical Support



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